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Randy Blackwell is the owner and he has since sold his business.We had made not one but three trips to there store with picking out all of our fixtures and bathroom needs for this complete renovation and meetings for information of the project.NEVER AGAIN will I buy ANYTHING from lowes or recommend anybody to go there.This happen to my wife in a WalMart in Fayetteville when she was seriously injured.I was so fed up with all of this but I thought I would try to buy a new button.They have all my money but over 20% of the windows have something wrong and still no door.

I called the East Kellogg, Wichita store and was told there would not be a problem with my request.I have called Samsung, they sk have to send someone out to check it out.But I did get a discount on the door for the problems up to the new door order.

Somewhere along the line I was told I should be getting the refrigerator Friday but could not tell me where the fridge is or tracking.McDowell Road in Goodyear, AZ to replace my garage door on Jan 21, 2016.

The order was paid for by an American Express card and this caused an authorization hold apparently because the delivery address was not our home address on file.Often this area is inaccessible due to people parking vehicles in loading area and going in to shop or browse.

The commercials are still running on TV (I bet I see some tonight) but yet none of the product is available.The contractor Lowes worked with on the cabinets was terrible.I even ask them to at least send new compressor and I would pay for the repairs.Throughout the years I have purchased many items at one of our Lowes stores in Fayettevile, NC.After complaining to the manger I now know why this store has this problem with rude employees.Browse a wide selection of chest waders for fishing for men, women and kids in a range of sizes.After waiting all afternoon, no one showed and still have seen anyone nor has anyone called.I have a complaint about a refrigerator that I had delivered.I have no problem with my repair company or the local store for that matter.

These past few days have been very cold and windy and the same draft on these windows is very noticeable.I wish my defective unit to be picked up and also a new one replaced.I am in process of starting my own landscaping business and was looking towards lowes in bethlehem pennsylvania for my contractor needs but now i am not so sure that I want to continue with lowes.We would like someone from your Corporate Office to contact us ASAP.I went back and read the sign on the table (which is where I got every single tree).Bought morwer from home depot where will purchase all items in future.We do not have the money to hire the help we need to do these repairs and maintenance.

Well on January 3rd, we decided to call and check on the status, to only be told there was a variance in what the salesman at Lowes at calculated versus the actual measurements.I told him yes but I would be slower for a while and would need help on heavy days, non was offered.Obvously this is an assumption because with us paying for the door and him not actually putting in the order leads me to believe he put that money in his pocket since looking into in the drawer was balanced that night.I called and was informed that they could not come until Nov 23.I am waiting for someone to care about customer support and help me out.If they can or cannot fix it on the 23 I will be without an oven on Thanksgiving.It just turned two years old but really was not inuse for the full two years.His professionalism and humanity are qualities I would recommend to friends and associates.

I am so impressed at how much she listened and how hard she worked the design to fit my style and my budget.On October 7, 2016 my parents (94 and 87 years old) purchased a mower (Troybilt, Model 12ABD3BZ711) at the Collierville Lowes.So here we are paying ONCE again to get the door ordered because no one could explain what happened to the money I gave the cashier.I have purchased filters that I did not need in trying to resolve the issue and I have lost food in my refrigerator.She said she had not heard back from Gabriele the supervisor.

We provided the very next morning, nothing has happened, no one bother to call to let us know what is going.She scheduled a Saturday afternoon 1-4, January 2, 2016 for a new replacement unit and pick up defective.Before I went in I told my son I hoped that this nightmare did not continue but it was.I went to install it and I found out that due to poor installation of the door to begin with, I cannot install it.Scott took my info and said the toilet seat would be at the returns counter when I arrived.I have received nothing but good reviews and accommodations prior to his arrival ( Jeff P.) Mr. Pinkert twists policy and procedures to his advantage to manipulate things to enable him to write associates up.I feel that my concerns are something that you should take seriously, which I am sure that you will.The special roller brushes were always coming apart when rolling.

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